Poor Teeth Can Lead to Kids’ Poor Grades


DentistMany parents blame social networking sites or modern gadgets for their children’s poor performance in school. Some will associate it with health problems like asthma or other allergies. Indeed, these correlations are valid.

But, for many, they overlook dental health as a cause of their kids’ bad academic performance. It is common for them, however, to associate oral hygiene to health and well-being of kids. Good oral hygiene contributes to better quality of life and higher self-esteem. The lack or poorness of it, however, results in lower self-confidence.

In addition, dental diseases and poor oral health care can put kids at a severe disadvantage in school. Similar to other common diseases, such as flu and abnormal bowel movement, dental problems can make a pupil miss classes.

Many children have a low threshold for pain, and dental pain can be unbearable for them, says Garden View Dental Care. As a result, parents would not let them attend their classes. In fact, kids with poor oral health are three times more likely to miss school because of dental pain.

These absences, especially if prolonged, will make a child miss the chance to learn. For some students, it is difficult to catch-up with the lessons, especially when they’re coming from long absences. Frequent absences may mean missed quizzes and tests, too. Time spent not in attendance is equivalent to missed crucial lessons, and grades can definitely suffer.

Some parents, however, are willing to send their children to school if the kids find it tolerable. But, the nagging pain can cause poor concentration, leading to learning difficulties.

Another effect of dental problem would be poor diet. Children feeling dental pain have a hard time eating their meals. This results in poor editing habits, which can lead to nutrient deficiency. Children may not get the nutrients to help them learn and grow.

Proper oral hygiene and good dental health lessen the cause of student absenteeism. These also normalise the eating habits of a child. It does not seem to have much connection, but in reality, improving dental health among kids may result in better academic performance.