Plumbing with Aplomb: Common Plumbing Issues


PlumbingThere are different reasons why you may need to call the plumber. Some choose not to call the experts immediately if the problem is a simple one. If you want to try solving the problem, know about their symptoms and why they occur in the first place.

What in the World Happened to the Water Heater?

Your water heater may give you brain-splitting headaches from time to time.

Imagine a normal day. You are in the middle of showering—then your water heater shuts down. Though tardiness is not enough reason to fire an employee, a shower gone wrong can still disrupt your day.

Your plumber will certainly see this as a cause for concern as there may be a sediment buildup in the water tank or there is a malfunctioning dip tube.

If you hear weird noises from your water tank, inappropriate tank installation, high temperature setup and faulty plumbing parts may be the reason. When it comes to leaks, a broken regulator might be the main culprit.

There’s Something about the Bathtub and Sink

Both your clogged sink and clogged bathtub drainage mean one thing—blocked pipes due to accumulated hair, grease, soap foam and rust.

When water pipes turn mouldy and aerators break, low water pressure will follow.

What’s Wrong with the Toilet?

It sure is annoying when the toilet goes out of order. When you are suffering from nonstop water flow or the ‘running toilet syndrome,’ it is a given that your plumber will spot a busted flapper.

Your toilet can irk you and even disgust you when the flusher does not do its job. Just a little adjustment with the tank’s float ball will solve your problem—if it’s that simple. If you don’t know how to solve toilet problems, no matter how simple, it’s better to call a plumber. and other plumbers in Newcastle recommends expert repair because even a small issue can lead to bigger troubles.

There are different problems that cause sinks, toilets and drainage to stop working properly. In solving them, you have two options: know the problem and try to solve it or call the experts to help.