Plantation Shutters 101: How to Measure Properly When Installing Them

plantation shutter

plantation shutterThe procedure for measuring plantation shutters when installing them is relatively easy and involves a few basic steps. However, you have to be extremely accurate to ensure that your shutters are properly installed.

A good quality steel measuring tape is necessary according to experts from The windows need to be measured individually although they appear to be identical.

Now, that you have a good measuring tape, follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Expecting that the windows are out-of-square, take the width measurement first followed by the height measurement and these must all be in inches. Measurement to the accuracy level of 1/8 of one inch is necessary.

These shutters generally, comprise a panel hinged to a typical frame. Panels consist of louvers, rotating open and close; vertically running stiles on its sides; and horizontally running rails on the bottom and top.

Step 2.

Panels, which measure over five feet, require a divider rail, to add support and strength to the shutter panel, allowing you to open the louvers at the top while, simultaneously, keeping the ones at the bottom closed. For a panel less than five feet in length, using a divider rail is optional.

Step 3.

Inside mounts of these types of shutters have a Z-Frame. Inside mounts stipulate that the window must have a clearance of at least 1 1/2″ or else you need to use an outside mount.

Step 4.

Install the Z-Frame inside the opening of the window, which extends by one inch into the molding/sheetrock face. However, a sill that is protruding will confine the frame to itself. The frame face will cover up most light gaps or inadequacies especially, in the case of out-of-square windows. So, ensure that there is a clearance of at least one and a half inches.

Step 5.

Edge to edge measuring is necessary for the opening of the inside window and these need to be precise. This again requires measurement of the height and width in 3 different places with the shortest height and narrowest width being taken into consideration.

When you place the order for your shutter, give the manufacturer your most precise measurements, which could vary by 1/8 of an inch maximum.