Places Where You Shouldn’t Smoke


SmokingWhile it’s often said that smoking is dangerous to your health, it’s an overlooked fact that smoking is dangerous to one’s safety as well. As diseases induced by smoking may cause serious illness and even deaths on the smoker or an individual who catches second hand smoke, smoking in the wrong place may also cause a lot of safety hazard on people and on the environment. This is especially true if you smoke in the following places:

  1. Forests

Mao Tse Tung once said: “A single spark can start a prairie fire.” While his adversaries may argue against his political stance, it’s literal meaning is true. Forest fires spread easily, are hard to put out, and impose a serious environmental damage. While camping or taking a walk in the forest, avoid smoking, especially when near dried leaves, or when you are in the so-called forest hot spots.

  1. Nearby tents/marquees

This one should not be taken for granted, as many people celebrate parties in tents or marquees. Such places are no smoking zones. Do avoid smoking on nearby installments, as most of them are made of flammable material. The fire may spread quickly and harm people inside.

In addition, know that some tents, especially on camp sites, may house flammable materials such as gas tanks, gas lamps, and aerosol sprays. On the other hand, parties in marquees involve electric wirings and lightings, which pose a higher threat of spreading fire.

  1. Road

As vehicles on the road are all powered by fuel, be aware that throwing cigarette butts may cause a dangerous explosion if it comes in contact with a gasoline tank with a leak. It’s easy to repair the leaking gas tank if it’s yours, but what if the driver isn’t aware of the problem?

  1. Nearby gasoline stations/refineries

This is the most obvious and the most dangerous non-smoking zone. People should be aware that oil leaks are inevitable in these places. A single cigarette may cause a massive disaster. Heartland Tank Services says you should stay away from gasoline stations, tankers, API 650 tanks, and pipelines if you wish to smoke.

For everyone’s safety, remember these four places where you shouldn’t smoke.