A Piece of Cake: A Quick Guide on Cake Decoration

bake tool

bake toolCake decoration looks difficult, and often seems to be out of reach for regular folks with no artistic or baking experience. For those who want to learn it, keep in mind some simple pointers on cake ornamentation, such as the tools that you need, and the specific ingredients that work best for a particular project.

1. Prepare your tools

Piping bags are the bread and butter of the cake decoration business. These are bags filled with decorating icing or frosting. Cake decorating suppliers such as TheSugarBox.com.au, recommends using featherweight piping bags due to their lifespan and reliability.

The effectiveness of the icing depends on the consistency of the cake surface. Generally, bakers usually choose royal icing for neat, clean lines, because it hardens easily. It could melt in high humidity though. Butter cream works well with butter cream-based cakes.

Tips have various uses, and it is a good idea to stock up with different ones. Other supplies that a decorator needs may include couplers to change tips, spatulae, and food colouring.

2. Using the piping bag correctly

Squeeze from the top, not in the middle or the bottom, and occasionally twist as you press in this manner. This makes the pressure consistent throughout, useful especially for writing lines. Usually, the dominant hand holds the top of the bag and applies pressure, while the other hand supports the bag.

3. Know your fancy

There are two typical designs: dots and lines, and they have different techniques in application. You usually hold the bag at a 45-degree angle when writing lines, swirls, and so on. Place the piping bag in a vertical position over the surface to make dots.

4. Practice makes perfect

You can practice on an empty plate to build up your experience and confidence. You can reuse frosting as well, but remember to beat it constantly to maintain its elasticity.

Cake decoration is by no means a piece of cake. However, with sufficient practice and the right tools, as well as utilizing them appropriately, it very well can be.