Pet Proof Your Garden With Raised Garden Beds

Gardening TipsDogs and plants do not always mix – it is common for dogs to dig through your flowerbeds or to gnaw on some of your favourites every now and then. Luckily, there are some ways for you to minimise the damage by making your garden a little more pet proof.

According to Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies, a raised garden bed is the perfect way for you to secure your garden and to prevent unwanted digging. The planters provide a barrier between a curious pet and your plants, creating a no-dig zone.

Prevent Trampling and Digging

Dogs love to run and jump, sometimes through your flowerbeds when they feel like it. While you cannot really blame your dog for trampling your precious plants, as they need to exercise, you can always remodel your garden so that it becomes more pet-friendly.

Raised planters prevent your dog from bounding into your beds. Raised beds, as well as other types of containers, discourage your pets from running into them, as it artificially creates rugged terrain. Dogs are actually very careful when running and avoid areas that are difficult to pass. They will likely avoid any raised beds and run on the flat areas instead. They are also less likely to climb on the beds to dig up your plants.

Plant Hardy Plants that Do Well in Raised Beds

Many plants do well in raised flower beds, but some are hardier than others are. These blooms survive even if they are occasionally chewed or trampled by an energetic dog: geraniums, salvia, and magnolia. They are attractive ornamental plants with brightly coloured flowers that are also easy to care for. Best of all, their shallow root systems make them ideal for raised beds and containers.

Raised garden beds are perfect for homeowners who want to share their outdoor spaces with both the plants and the animals they care for.