Perfect Tradesman Software

A professional plumberTradesmen like electricians, plumbers, locksmiths serve a couple of households as well as commercial establishments. To be able to do this, they need to accept job orders, send invoices as well as communicate with clients.

To make all of this happen, they need to constantly look out for messages that could turn into jobs and send invoices. This is a challenging feat to accomplish, especially when a tradesman’s job can take up his whole day. So, what can a startup tradesman do to keep them on top of everything?

How Startup Tradesmen Can Get All Jobs Done

Here are a couple of things that a startup or small business enterprise trade should have to keep all customers satisfied with on-time sales invoices:

A Trustworthy Assistant

You may have started and founded your business on your own, but you cannot accomplish everything on your own. You will need an assistant for you cannot be at the same place at the same time. Someone should take business calls while you are away tending to customers.

Mobile Job Management Software

You and your assistant need to keep track of what is happening in the business. These would be which job needs more time, which customer needs a job quotation, what trades’ supply needs replenishment and other business transactions.

All these things can be overseen by your assistant with a computer. However, you should be able to respond to customers when needed, especially on technical questions regarding the job. This can be accomplished with a mobile job management software like JobLogic that you can install on your phone and bring with you wherever you are. It can store the job orders, job completed and even send your invoice to customers.

Updated Permit or License to Conduct Business

Permits and licenses should be updated to make sure that you don’t get a bad reputation with expired licenses and permits. Ensure that you have this all sorted out including professional licenses for the skilled tradesman.

Keeping a trade business can be a handful, especially during the first few months. After getting settled, it may take some time before the business pick ups. However, when it picks up, your business will be flowing smoothly with the above tools and help.