One Less SEO Worry: Give Yourself the Peace of Mind You Deserve


SEOLet’s be honest: you’re an entrepreneur and you’re busy. Many aspects of the business call for your attention and deadlines threaten your productivity. You have deals and an endless to-do list: meetings, settlements, and budgets.

Then, you’ve got SEO.

Dealing with digital marketing can be too much for the busy entrepreneur. You don’t have time for all of that.

The good news is you don’t have to worry about it. Your goal is to get your site up, go up the rankings, and find the right keywords. If that’s your goal, then there are a few factors you can stop stressing about.

Keep Calm with Link Building

A number of wholesale SEO services realize that the whole matter doesn’t revolve around link building. Before, link building directly benefits your site but nowadays, these practices can be risky.

It’s still possible to build links but keep content marketing in mind, as well. The practice of safe link building requires time and effort. For most content marketers, good content results in relevant and high-quality links.

Remember, link building is the result of your content marketing. Don’t worry about the links, worry about your content.

Stop Worrying About Getting the First Spot

Every entrepreneur wants their site to rank first. Since the beginning, SEO practitioners have continuously pushed ranking issues forward. But apparently, the issue is not just about the ranks — it’s also about the keywords you want to rank.

First, figure out the keywords you want to rank. Rather than go for head terms, go for long tail keywords. Out of all the keywords users search for, long tail keywords make up the greatest percentage. Focus on targeting keywords within that percentage to get the most targeted traffic.

Take Your Mind Off Keyword Stuffing

When it comes to keywords, repetition is an issue that requires addressing. While it was a successful tactic during 2012, can the same be said for 2015?

Stop worrying if keyword repetition is your key to success. According to a Whiteboard Friday video, 95% of pages should practice keyword stuffing in the following levels:

  • Once in the headline
  • Once in the title
  • Once in the meta description
  • Twice or thrice in the content body

Worrying over little SEO factors only wastes your time. Instead, focus your strengths on producing relevant content that engages well with your audience.