Moving to Another Place? Here’s How to Maximise Your Savings

Moving in a BudgetThere are many reasons why you find it necessary to move. Whatever those reasons are, take note of these five ways to save up on moving costs and make the process a whole lot easier.

Moving to another location sometimes becomes a stressful exercise, most especially if you would be bringing tons of bric-a-brac. The process of packing everything and having them picked up by movers can entail a lot of costs. So is there any way to reduce moving costs?


Unless it’s a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, it is best to plan out and segregate the things that you would like to bring with you, and those that you can throw in the junkyard. Remember, the more things you bring, the higher it will cost you. This is true whether you hire professional movers or you go DIY. So take the time to segregate your stuff, if possible, weeks before your intended moving date, and separate the junk from those that aren’t.

Pack Early

Money Crashers mentioned that packing early will save you time and money. If movers show up while you’re still shoving your stuff into boxes, that will mean eating the number of their hours. Good thing if you hired movers who charge by weight, but if you hired movers who charge by the hour, then you can expect a lot of cash to escape your pocket if you’re not done packing when they arrive.

Use Old Recycled Boxes

Instead of purchasing new boxes, you can opt to purchase recycled boxes, which according to US News, can help you save on costs. It also mentioned that you can practically resell the recycled boxes to the company you bought it from. This can certainly mean additional savings for you.

Sell Or Auction Off Vehicles

Why burden yourself with a lot of vehicles, especially old ones? You can convert your old vehicles into additional cash. Right here in Perth, for instance, look for someone who can help you with truck sales. You can also look for reliable auctions where you can make some money out of your old vehicles. If you can’t find someone to give you a hand, then consider posting an ad online as there might just be somebody who would be willing to buy your old truck at a good price.

Check Out Different Movers

Before you decide on a particular mover, try to spend a bit more time cross-checking the price offerings of a mover against another mover. Your goal is to hire the mover that can deliver reliable service at a low cost. You may need to spend about 30 minutes looking up the movers’ information online, but the savings you will get will be worth it.

Moving to another place can be tedious, stressful and costly. However, you can always simplify things and save on costs when you segregate your stuff, pack early, sell old vehicles, use recycled boxes and research on various movers. Doing these will not only ease the moving process, but will also have you saving a lot of cash.