Molto Delizioso: Top Three Italian Dishes that Australians Love to Eat


pizzaAustralia’s culinary culture was heavily influenced by the Italians during the European immigration in the 1950s. The locals learned to embrace the unique flavours of Italian cuisine and rapidly adopted the techniques and use of various Italian ingredients.

Until today, many Australians still love the classic tastes of Italian food. Here are three of the most loved Italian dishes in the country:


Pizza is one of Italy’s biggest contributions in the culinary scene. The Australians loved it so much that they made different versions of it – thick sauces with lots of meat and vegetables as toppings. Most of today’s pizzerias go for the authentic version. According to the Daily Telegraph, pizzerias offer a thinner base and adhere to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (AVPN), which outlines the requirements of the original Italian pizza making.


Minestrone is a simple yet tasty Italian soup. There are different ways to cook this dish — you can use different vegetables, beans and pasta, rice or potatoes. For a richer flavour, some people add onions, celery, carrots, stock and other herbs and spices. Many Aussies also made different versions of this soup, infusing various meats and local ingredients into the recipe. A number of high-end Northgate restaurants often serve this as a main dish or “primo”, as they call it in Italian.


Risotto is made of rice cooked in broth, which can be meat-based or fish-based. The creamy consistency of the dish makes it different from other rice recipes. What makes Risotto even more special is the use of parmesan cheese and butter. Chefs use a lot of onion to add a strong spice to the food. Other ingredients that you can include are mushroom, truffle, seafood and saffron.

Be sure you try these delectable dishes on your next visit to an Italian restaurant. Many Australian restaurants serve a wide variety of Italian dishes and other European specialties that are worth trying.