Modern Car Body Repairing Techniques You Need to Know

Car Body Repairs

Car Body Repair in AustraliaA brand new car has all the best features you could wish for when you’ve just bought it, but after years of constant use, it will need some kind of repairs. Fortunately, there are experts who specialise in car body repairs and other types of related maintenance by using modern techniques. If you’re wondering what they are, here are some examples to give you an idea:

  • Smart Repairing

Many vehicle repair staff and mechanics use “smart repair” when the damage is minor. This could be due scratched or chipped paint. These are difficult to repair, as you only need to paint or spray the small affected surface. Although the damage is small, you may need to repair or replace the rest of the car’s body. This feature ensures that you only need to fix the small area in a precise manner.

  • Car Frame Straightening

If you had a collision with another vehicle or any big object along the road, your car might develop lateral or vertical damage on the frame. Nova Smash Repairs noted that you’ll need to have the body straightened. Ultrasound technology and computer tools are now available to set this right, and they can help in gauging the extent of the misalignment. Afterwards, they’ll use a laser to re-align the car frame precisely to its normal shape.

  • Paint Matching

Whether or not your car needs whole body repainting or spot correction, it is ideal that the new paint matches the original paint color. A new tool called photo spectrometer helps analyse the original color and the type of paint your car has or will have. These computerised tools are then used to auto match the color before doing the repainting process. A dent with no paint peeling off is easy to correct, as they’re repairable by kneading, pressing and rubbing down a specific area until it gets back its original shape.

These are only some techniques used by car repair specialists. Take good note of them the next time you visit for repairs, so you have an idea before saying yes to the procedure.