Memory Care Centers – Getting timely help

Assisted Living in UtahAs more baby boomers retire, the number of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia are on the rise. The need for memory care in Provo and other cities is definitely on the rise. One of the priorities for the National Institutes of Health is to find new ways to help people with degenerative diseases through intervention and new treatment methods.

Why memory care is essential

One method of care available to families with seniors is memory care which provides intensive and long term care to those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. If you think you need it for your mother or father, here is what you should know.

Comprehensive but expensive care: Regular assisted living centers offer seniors help to live a normal life. Personal care in the form of bathing and getting dressed, pre-cooked meals and taking medications is part of the package. Memory care costs more because it requires doctors and nurses with specialized training to be available around the clock and supervise those in need.

Safety: Facilities are designed with safety of the residents in mind. There are systems in place which help to reduce the risk of wandering off. Check with the centers that specialize in memory care. Provo residents will find it convenient because there are nearby centers.

Tackling behavioral issues: Leisure and therapy programs are designed to help with memory impairment and other behaviors. This helps to boost a resident’s quality of life. Memory care centers are evolving to offer care based on the stage of the disease and also tailor care based on individual need.

Serving families: These facilities take the burden off families and offer peace of mind. Family members are encouraged to visit and do as much as they can for their loved ones. Though memory care may be part of an assisted living facility, units may be in a separate building. Residents are offered social and therapy programs which keep them from going downhill faster.

Research: While these units offer outreach and education to families and communities, caregivers have to do their research before putting an elderly family member in one. Consider the patient’s needs and what is available at the community. Costs are important as well – be sure to check out the staff. These are the people who will be dealing with your loved ones on a day to day basis.