Making the Most of Nature’s Colours for Your Office Interiors


officeWhen it comes to interior design, colours inspired by nature take centre stage in many interior designer portfolios. Natural colours make the interiors not only attractive, but more welcoming to the eyes, and add more dimensions to the space. They basically allow the room to feel like it has a life of its own. Here is how commercial painters make use of natural colours to enhance the look of any office.

Dispelling a Myth

A common misconception regarding the use of natural colours is that they often make the room look flat. But the use of brighter shades prevents this and can really make the room come alive. Here are some beautiful nature inspired colours used by commercial painters.

Cherry Blossom Inspired Palette

Japan is most beautiful when cherry blossoms are in bloom. Beautiful shades of pink and blue are inspired by the cherry blossom festival in Japan. They provide the perfect combination of colours that make your interiors standout. This colour choice is best recommended for elevated spaces in your home. Light pink may be used on the walls for the purpose of accentuating it with sky blue shades. The floors on the other hand are painted with brown or beige for colour contrast.

Countryside Inspired

When it comes to this colour palette, the wheat barn is the one that serves as your inspiration. Try to imagine golden brown fields that feature thickets of orange trees as the main background and a beautiful pastel coloured sky above.

To use this in the interiors of your office, amber is accentuated with some teal or maybe some light blue that is washed down a bit. Use of other complementary colours such as dark brown or beige is also recommended. The colour scheme best works in specially constructed bars and executive lounges for entertaining guests.

Beach Inspiration

Fantastic shades of teal, turquoise, light orange and maybe some washed out purples are the inspiration to get that beach feel integrated into the interiors of your home office. For the base, blues are recommended and accent colours for purple and light orange work really well.