Making Your Air Conditioning Unit More Efficient


airconOne of the reasons many homeowners are having second thoughts about getting an air conditioning unit is the higher energy costs. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to use an A/C unit without having to worry about your monthly bill.

How Air Conditioning Systems Work

What most people do not know is that an air conditioning system not only works to cool the air. It can also be used to keep a place warm. In the cooling process, the unit makes use of a refrigerant. The refrigerant is responsible for absorbing or rejecting heat.

Generally, there are two coils connected to where the refrigerant is contained. One could be found inside your home while the other one is outside. During the cooling process, the refrigerant courses through both the coils, absorbing and releasing heat alternately. The air inside your home is blown over the cool refrigerant which cools it down while the refrigerant gets warmed. The warm refrigerant then moves to the outside coil where it releases the heat it has absorbed.

In case you need to get your home warmed, your air conditioning unit would use reverse cycle air conditioning. According to, what happens is it is the hot air that gets circulated, with the cold air being released.

Ways to Maximise the Use of Your A/C Unit

To make your air conditioning unit more energy-efficient, follow these simple tips:

1. Location of the Unit

Apart from placing your A/C unit in an area with good ventilation, make sure it is not under direct sunlight. Both conditions could reduce the efficiency of the unit by allowing air to recirculate back without getting cooled. This, in turn, would double the work for your air conditioner.

2. Setting the Thermostat

Although keeping the thermostat fixed at a certain temperature might seem practical, this is not always the case. Instead, change it depending on the temperature outside as well as the number of people inside. You can also make use of a ceiling fan to allow you to set the thermostat at a much higher temperature.

3. Regular Maintenance

Checking your air filter and air ducts will allow your air conditioner to last a long time. With proper maintenance, your air conditioner would not have to work twice as much.

Following these simple tips will help you stay cool and save cash both in your energy bills and unexpected repair costs.