Make Your Wedding Extra Special: Get a Photo Cake

wedding cake

A bridal cake is an important part of any wedding. Apart from tasting great, it should also look stunning. Fortunately, couples have limitless options to choose from. There are plenty of wedding cake samples available on the Internet, and you can choose ready-to-eat ones or order your own personalised cake from Eat Your Photo. When choosing a wedding cake, here are some things you must prepare:

wedding cake

Do your homework well

You need to research thoroughly if you want to find the perfect wedding cake. Look at different designs on wedding websites and make a sketch of your ideal cake. Also, understand certain terms like fondant and butter cream, and decide which one you want to use on your cake. Finally, choose the flavour you want.

Add a personal touch to your wedding cake

Your wedding cake should be special, so give it a personal touch. You can get your wedding monogram written on your cake or you can even put up a photo of the bride and groom on top. This will make it even more unique.

Find a good baker and book his services on time

Ask around to find that perfect baker and secure his services as early as you can. Make sure to give your specifications. Also, find out if he makes picture cakes, so you can create your own design.

Match the cake’s colour with the theme of your wedding

The colour of your wedding cake should go with your wedding day theme. White is a common colour, but since you’ll be using photographs, your cake will look more vibrant.

Do not use too many add-ons on your cake

Photo cakes will need a few add-ons like flowers, stripes or dots. But, make sure you use them in moderation. The idea is not to make your cake look cluttered.

When choosing a wedding cake, always have your personal input with the design. Afterwards, trust your chosen baker to do the rest for you.