Looking Luxe: 3 Ways to Make Your Home Interiors Look Expensive

Modern living room interior with painting hanging on the wall

What matters is the inside, as many people say. While this proverbial claim rings true for people, it can also apply to homes. You may have nice exteriors, a beautiful garden, and appealing fencing, but are the interiors also the same?

You should make your interiors beautiful, but if you want to take it a set further, why not make it look luxe? Making it look expensive not only impresses guests. It can even make your home much more comfortable, and that’s something you would like to be in at every end of a workday.

Here are three simple tips to do just that:

Tone it down

Your instincts may tell you to put an assortment of furniture and design components, but do not listen to that voice. A true luxurious home is hinged on the principles of simplicity. Instead of using four different colors for your home, use two — one for the walls and the other for the accent. Instead of using an elaborate chandelier, you may want to consider using recessed lighting.

Go for art

Give your interiors an artistic flavor by hanging an artwork. But if you want to truly capture your guests’ attention, go for large pieces. If this is too much for you, go for a triptych. If paintings are not your thing, you can buy a sculpture.

Invest in at least one designer piece

Legitimize the luxury of your interiors by investing in at least one designer furniture. Mixing a luxury piece with non-luxury ones will give your space a nice visual play. If you are looking for contemporary designs, Authentic Provence​ says that you can always go for furniture pieces by Pucci.

These are only some of the best ways to make your home’s interiors look Iuxe. If you want to give it some texture, why not look at interior design magazines?