A Look into the World of Metal Pressings

metal pressing

Ever wondered how a metallic key chain, a can or even the exquisite art placed in your living room was made? The answer is by way of metal pressings. Also known as metal stamping, metal pressing is a procedure used worldwide to create some of the best and unique items made of metals. It could be a single-stage operation where every stroke produces the desired form on the sheet metal part. Another method involves a series of stages. The process is usually performed on sheet metal, but other materials like polystyrene are also applicable.

metal pressing

Metal pressing is a technique largely used in big-scale industries where different sizes and forms of metal sheets are transformed into different items and products with a pressing machine. There are different techniques used based on the type of metal sheets. Here are some of benefits of using metal pressing techniques:

Any Shape Possible

Decades ago, industries and manufacturing units used dye casting, fabricating, forging and machining to get the desired metal shape. But, with this conventional method, any metal sheet can now be transformed into the desired item trouble-free. The process includes simple techniques such coining, piercing, bending and blanking – known for being cost-effective.

Only High Quality Products

Metal pressing is an effective method to get high quality products. This is because the stampings done is harder than the traditional way of pressing. So, users can expect products of top calibre. Using these machines to manufacture items and products is quite simple. But the work that piles up after the process is finished can be arduous. This includes the cleaning and the plating kind of secondary jobs.

Reduced Production Time

Several products can be manufactured using this technique, as it significantly reduces the production time. The metal sheet is taken through a series of dyes, and each of them works simultaneously. This reduces the cost of producing the final product as well.