Living the Condominium Life: 3 Things to Expect


Condominium in SingaporeWith the ever crowded population of Tokyo, it’s getting more difficult to find a place near and within the metro that you can call home. In fact, the majority of housing choices becomes limited that some families are even willing to live in nearby prefectures like Saitama. As Tokyo has a number of opportunities available to both locals and foreigners, many see it as their one true home regardless of its overpopulated neighbourhood.

Living within the premises of the city, however, is challenging. Fortunately, this is all possible with high-rise properties like condominiums. If you are fine with not living in a house, Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. and other estate agencies noted that this might be the best option. Here’s why condominium life might be the ideal lifestyle for you:

Floor After Floor

Condominiums are like hotel rooms that are up for sale. Only this time that the room sizes can get bigger, making it similar to the premises of a house. This said, you could find your home sweet home on a specific floor and have remarkable views. Elevators are available for easy access, although they can be a problem during power outage.

Living with others

Instead of having neighbouring houses, the people you live with are right next door. With closer proximity, you may have issues with privacy if your unit doesn’t have soundproofing. As soon as you leave your room, you’re immediately greeted by locals — and you know the Japanese love to do their greetings — that can lighten your mood.

Monthly Additional Bills

Owning a condominium is similar to buying a house, but with less responsibilities. There is ownership, but other than paying the bills, you have additional expenses. The establishment has to charge you — along with other tenants — for security, maintenance costs like the elevator, and many more. This depends on the type of condominium unit and amenities your establishment has.

It is far from a real home, though, condominiums do get the job done for people in need of settlement near busy commercial areas. With its demand, properties have boomed in recent years and it will continue to do so to provide to the needs of the growing population.