A Life in Photography: 3 Lessons You’ll Learn from a Nat Geo Photographer


photographerPhotography is not different from other jobs. Turning your dream into a day job does not just take knowledge, but also courage, guts and skills. The professional photography market is competitive, especially now that more and more people take the plunge in making money from their cameras.

Let this article help you become a professional photographer in today’s market.

Never Stop Learning

Owning the right DSLR camera is not enough to become one of the pros, even if it can make a freelance photography job easier. The first thing you will learn from a Nat Geo photographer is that training and workshops are necessary.

Quench your desire to learn by taking basic photography classes. From lens perspective and flash control to knowing the right exposure and its relationship to ISO, you need to acquire proper skills and knowledge to capture stunning images. Keep in mind that great people never stop learning.

Don’t Waste Time

There is no time to be slow and timid, especially when it comes to photographing wildlife. Whether you want to capture a herd of elephants, migrating birds or squirrels in your backyard, you have to jump into the scene without worry and fear.

Sure, you must observe carefully, but you need the right timing to take a “wow” photograph. You can practice taking multiple shots with your friends or your pet.

Learn to Find Beauty

A beautiful scenery does not always make a stunning photo. A secret tip from a Nat Geo photographer is to always have something interesting going on in the foreground. You do not just photograph the view; it must have something that viewers can feel like touching or reaching out. For instance, take a picture of a kid dancing gracefully on the street while capturing the emotions of an audience.

As a photographer, you can always make a story out of a picture. You have the power to give the entire shot some life. Remember that presentation always counts.

Being a professional photographer does not happen overnight. By arming yourself with the right information, you can achieve the success you want and be on the right career path.