Keeping Your Home Cool: The Top 4 Low-Tech Ways Worth Considering

Small Window Shutter

Small Window ShutterAutumn is on its way and the days seem to be getting shorter, but Australia still experiences hot weather. Chances are, this may not keep you cool all night for several days. The country’s climate is mild for most of the year, but the weather can change because of the size of the continent.  This article lists down the stress-free, low-tech ways to keep your home comfortable.

Block that Sun

To achieve this, perhaps you should have tall gates or slat fencing. They can reduce heat going passing through your windows and doors by acting as a shield from the sun. Huge access gates and slat fencing will not just secure your front yard, but also keep your home comfortable.

Be Smart About Your Windows

Research shows that up to 30 percent of heat comes from the windows, which is why you need a window treatment that can lower indoor temperature and help save money on your bills. This is where window shutters come in handy.

Industry professional shares that aluminium shutters perfectly suit every décor, lifestyle and budget. “Shutters provide a stylish and sophisticated look to your home and can be made to fit almost any window or opening. In most cases, they can be matched to existing colours and decor. Aluminium shutters now provide the opportunity for you to also take the stunning look outdoors,” the company explains. Keep the shutters closed, especially for west-facing windows.

Change the Sheets

Swapping your bedding every season does not just freshen up your bedroom, but also keep it cool and relaxing. Cotton blankets are better than flannel sheets, as they breathe easier and stay cool even after you come back home after work.

Plant Vines

If your garden doesn’t have trees, why not plant some vines? You can choose ivy, Russian-vine and Virginia creeper, as they grow faster than any other vines. In addition, they have an immediate effect, so you don’t have to wait for weeks.

Have a cosy retreat this season by keeping these simple steps in mind. Apart from surviving a hot spell, these are some smart ways to save on the AC.