Keeping the Spark Alive with Honeymoon #2

Second HoneymoonWho says you have to get married again to go on a second honeymoon?

Some couples believe that honeymoons only happen once. There’s the cost and availability to consider. But there’s more to a second honeymoon than just a trip — it might just be the rejuvenation your marriage needs.

After being married for a period of time, most couples lose the spark of romance. With the kids and careers getting in the way, romance sometimes takes a backseat.

A second honeymoon may be what you need to reignite the flame that may have waned over the years.

Extravagant or Simple — You Choose

Your second honeymoon need not be too expensive, everything depends on your taste as a couple. Do you want something nostalgic or the typical couple getaway?

The ideas are endless and choosing the right vacation can be tricky. But keep yourself from overthinking. Consider each person’s preferences before deciding. For example, if you’re up for some summer loving, why not visit the beach for a romantic getaway? Or visit, a local Margaret River winery, for a chilled glass of wine and gourmet meal.

What do You Want to Do?

Your second honeymoon can also be filled with must-do activities. You can still achieve togetherness while relaxing near the beach, reading a book, taking a wine tour or just by strolling around the park. If you and your spouse enjoy history, explore the cultural and historical attractions of a new place.

Couples need not always be together during the honeymoon. If you want different things, divide the activities on separate days.

Do Something New

Back in the day, going out for a boat ride was already an adventure. Reignite the spark in your marriage by trying out a new activity together. Whether it’s scuba diving or zip lining, look for thrilling activities you’ll both enjoy.

Being too busy with your lives to spend time together will cause a strain in your relationship. Get to know each other again by booking your second honeymoon today.