Keeping Kids Safe during an Awesome Bowling Party

Woman throwing a bowling ball

One great way to celebrate your child’s birthday in Illinois is by throwing an awesome kids bowling party. The combination of bowling, party games, and party food can get children excited about the idea of attending such a party. Over-excitement, however, may end up causing unwanted accidents. Being aware of the potential hazards at a bowling party is necessary to keep everyone safe.

Here are some of the things you can do to make sure that the special occasion of your birthday boy or girl stays fun and free of accidents.

Keep Party Food and Beverage on the Table

Spilled party food and drinks can cause a slipping hazard, especially when they end up in the bowling lane. Make sure to tell your guests to eat their food and drink their beverage strictly on the party table. If you see any spills on the bowling approach area, get in touch with one of the bowling center crew to have the mess cleaned up.

Prevent Guests from Crossing the Foul Line

The foul line is a black line separating the bowling lane from the bowling approach area. The staff applies oil to the bowling lane to protect the surface from the friction created by the bowling ball. If the bowler walks beyond the foul line, he or she could slip, fall, and get hurt. So, make sure to stop bowlers from crossing the line. If a ball becomes stuck in the bowling pit, for instance, reach out to a staff member to fix the problem.

Supervise Child Bowlers Carefully

Heavy bowling balls are a hazard to children, as it could strain muscles and cause injury. If you spot children bowling for the first time, teach them how to choose and hold a bowling ball properly. Additionally, remind them to keep their toes and fingers away from the ball return and any other mechanical bowling equipment.

Keeping food and beverage on the party table, stopping guests from going beyond the foul line, and supervising first-time child bowlers are great ways to keep party guests safe in a bowling party. Following these simple rules will make sure everyone has a good time at your child’s celebration.