Not Just Corals: What Else to Find in Rowley Shoals

Marine Species

Marine SpeciesRowley Shoals is among the  least visited diving and snorkelling sites in Australia. Its pristine waters and magnificent land features are worth discovering, particularly if you are looking for a great snorkelling  , and diving experience in Broome. If you are planning to take a tour of this watery wilderness, you can expect to see more than just untouched coral gardens.

An Abundance of Marine Species

As a group of atoll-like coral reefs 300 kilometres west of Broome, Rowley Shoals features more than 600 species of fish, including at least 13 species of larger marine animals. Dive and you will see how manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins and whales patrol the area in large groups. Of course, your Rowley Shoals diving adventure will not be complete without exploring the spectacular coral gardens, which serve as dens and breeding spots for smaller marine species.

Gateway to the Water World

The waters are so clear that you can enjoy exceptional visibility of up to 60 metres. You can see the beauty of the sea floor even before you jump off your cruise vessel The real adventure starts when you dive / snorkel  and explore the underwater wilderness. The large Marine Park features a range of scuba diving and snorkelling environments, from high-speed drift dives to clear lagoons and beautiful canyons.

Serenity and Relaxation

Apart from land and water features, you can find serenity and relaxation when you visit the Rowley Shoals. The calmness and beauty of the sea will make you fall in love with nature and everything it has to offer. Cruising and diving in this wonderful destination is a good way to unwind, relieve stress and have a good time.

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