Jewelry Maintenance: Are You Doing It Right?


JewelryWearing jewelry is one way to improve your appearance and appeal. These accessories can only be an asset when they look shiny and new, however. As such, it’s important to keep them in good condition all the time.

But what is the right way to clean your jewelry? Consider the following jewelry care guidelines:


Dirt and stains will build on your jewelry over time, causing them to lose their shine. It usually takes thorough wiping to remove stains. But for severe stains, a visit to jewelry repair shops at Prior Lake, MN is necessary.

Jewelry need delicate materials and methods of cleaning. Use cleaners that are specifically for them. Maintenance requirements usually come with the package so read them prior to your cleaning project.

Use household products that serve as jewelry cleaners if you’re not keen on spending money on chemical cleaners. Alka-Seltzer, baking soda, ammonia and beer are just some of the things you can use instead of commercial varieties. Proceed with caution when using these products, however. These products don’t work for all kinds of jewelry. You may do more harm than good to your jewelry if you use the wrong chemical.

If the jewelry’s package doesn’t have information on the cleaning requirements or you really have no idea, stick to warm water and cloth to be safe. Warm water is soft, mostly neutral, and less likely to cause damage. Wipe the jewelry with a clean, soft cloth.

Jewelry will easily tarnish through prolonged contact with lotions, soaps, skin oils and other chemicals. Wipe them after every use as much as possible.


Proper storage will help maintain and prolong the jewelry’s lifespan. Don’t put them in your pockets, drawers and other hard surfaces. Stow them in fabric–lined boxes to avoid scratches. Wrap them in tissue or plastic bags for better results.

Your jewelry can be an indispensable part of your wardrobe if you take care of them properly. Try these maintenance suggestions so you can enjoy and flaunt your jewelry for a long time.