Jewellery Making and Design: Are These Courses for You?

Jewellery MakingJewellery design and making are not as common as courses like nursing, law, computer science and business. It isn’t one of the immediate answers children would specify when asked what they want to be when they grow up. It is, however, one of the most intricate and delicate occupations.

Here is an insight on jewellery design and making, in case you are interested in pursuing a degree or career in the industry.

Jewellery Design

Jewellery design is an intricate matter. If you want to follow this path, you have to create a concept, generate design ideas, and make drawings of them. Jewellery design can be presented through traditional hand-drawing methods or through computer-aided programs. You need to have sufficient knowledge about different materials like metals and stones to fully understand what you create.

As a jewellery designer, you may work as a freelance designer or for jewellery companies like JewelCast Ltd. You may even be commissioned by individuals or organisations to conceptualise their needed jewellery, fraternal regalia, or even crown jewels.

Jewellery Making

Perhaps you started out with a penchant for making bracelets and necklaces as a child. Maybe you like tinkering with materials, but are more creative than mechanical. Whatever it is, jewellery making is a path you can pursue through courses in specialised institutions like the International Gemological Institution or with proper gemology training.

To better your knowledge and productivity, it’s suggested that you learn about the history of jewellery: how they were made and what the trends were. You could visit art and design museums like V&A to observe and study them, or you could enlist in specialised courses. Jewellery making is delicate work and would require your absolute dedication.

If you are decided on following the jewellery path, good on you. It will contribute to adorning society — literally.