IT Certification: Does It Matter?

IT CertificationNo matter what industry you’re working in, having a certification is an instant boost to your credentials. Many believe that it is a badge of honor, especially in the field of technology. For a number of employers, it’s a must. helps people get the all-important certification for their dream job. But, what’s the big deal about it, and why does it matter?

It Says a Lot About You

Getting certified can be a tough process. It requires time, effort, and money to have access to learning materials and become well-versed with them. Because the IT industry is one that constantly changes, getting a certification for a Microsoft course this year may not be a resume booster next year. It has a relatively short lifespan. So, why does it matter?

Forget what it says about the IT industry, and consider what it says about you. Modern technology involves a lot of new software systems, and getting certified for one makes you more in demand. Landing an IT job is more than just knowing how to use the Microsoft Productivity Suite. It needs precision, and certification shows employers that you have that.

Even as software systems change every few years, some certifications are able to outlive them. Being certified in Microsoft 2003 may not get you that IT manager position. But, having a CCNP, A+ Technician or MCSE certification, can. It’s only a matter of choosing one that doesn’t lose relevance, even with the ever-changing industry.

It’s a Confidence Booster

Not just to you, but to your employer as well. While many argue that an IT certification is too by-the-book and not in touch with the real world, the process of getting one gives you knowledge about the latest industry trends. You need to study to get certified, and you’ll study what’s happening in the workplace. As such, you know you have a head start, and so does your employer.

This doesn’t mean you’re equipped with everything you need for the job. It just means you’re not starting from zero, as you already develop a certain set of skills and knowledge about the job. That certainly won’t hurt you or your employer, and it should urge you to learn more.

Certification is important for a lot of reasons, but these two points are able to summarize them. Why does it matter? Because it makes you matter more: to the industry, to your employer, and even to yourself.