Is Removing Your Wisdom Tooth Necessary?


SmileWisdom teeth don’t always erupt, but for those who have, most people never notice them at all. There are signs that indicate it is time to remove your wisdom tooth, but is it really necessary?

When is wisdom tooth removal necessary?

According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, there are approximately 90 percent of people that have one impacted wisdom tooth. There are times when these sets of molars lack the space needed to erupt from the gums. In Utah alone, there are teenagers and adults who lack the proper dental care to address their tooth problems. You may need wisdom teeth removal to address this problem.

Leaving improperly erupted wisdom teeth alone leads to problems, such as:

1. The alignment of your teeth will be altered. Misaligned teeth ruin your smile and self-confidence.

2. An improperly erupted wisdom tooth damages other teeth. The alignment will not only be altered, but other teeth may get holes or cavities.

3. Damaged teeth lead to swollen gums. Swollen gums create a new problem such as empty pockets of space that allow cavities and bacteria to grow.

Postponing wisdom tooth extract complicates the problems they create. The pain may wane and vary from person to person, but you will need a tooth extraction to solve the problem. Once the surgery ends, follow proper oral care to recover from this major dental procedure.

What are the common reasons for wisdom tooth removal?

There are reasons to have your wisdom tooth removed, one of which is your jaw is too small to fit 28 permanent teeth and 4 or more extra wisdom teeth. The teeth jostle for position, leading to misalignment, bacteria and cavity growth, and an ugly smile. Impacted wisdom teeth that fail to erupt from the gums. A tooth that grew in an unusual way, whether diagonally or horizontally, which pushes against other teeth.

Whether you have your wisdom tooth removed or not, consult with your dentist to determine the best course of action.