Is Kybella the New Double Chin ‘Wonder Cure?’

Patient in Sterling HeightsThe double chin. Perhaps for most people, no fat deposit is as infuriating and unattractive as this. Imagine still having that lump underneath your jaw right after you’ve spent years getting your body in good shape. It looks really awkward, doesn’t it? And to top it off, it’s not easy to rid oneself of a double chin, either. It’s twice the trouble for a lot of people, and it can be frustrating.

Exercise Doesn’t Always Solve Things

It is previously believed that performing neck and chin exercises can help reduce the double chin. People are often told to press on their forehead for 10 seconds to tighten the neck muscles and get rid of that lump, which is just a myth. The truth is based on the disproved concept of spot fat reducing, which stated that doing exercises in a specific area will reduce fat in that one spot. The real secret to shedding fat is to eat less and work out more.

If Exercise Doesn’t Guarantee Results, Then What?

Two words: Kybella injections. Approved by the FDA just a year ago, Kybella is a non-surgical injectable solution for chin and neck fat. It uses deoxycholic acid which breaks down dietary fat, and is touted for its quickness, both in administration and results.

FDA resident investigator Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas is convinced of Kybella’s potential. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she labeled Kybella as the first-ever injectable drug that addresses fat deposits directly, and with as minimal physical intervention as possible. The process is quick enough that Alexiades-Armenakas sees little to no downtime in terms of recovery, apart from a small bruising that occurs when the needle is injected.

The Treatment At A Glance

Each treatment takes about 15 minutes, and patients will typically need about 12-20 injections per visit, each with two to three sessions. The latter must be done every other month. In more prominent cases, patients may need up to 50 injections, involving six individual sessions spaced more than a month apart. According to Kythera, the drug’s manufacturer, patients can expect results after two to four treatments.

So, is Kybella a wonder cure for double chin? For one, an FDA scientist (who’s also head of the investigation team that studied the drug) vouches for it, so there’s little reason to not give it a try.