Insects that Damage the Integrity of Your Home

a bed bug

Bugs are unwelcome in any house. Some bugs are irritating, some can pose health risks, and some can greatly reduce the value of your home. Every day, thousands of homes are losing value due to these pesky insects.

Bedbugs in Apartments

Bedbug infestations have been deal-breakers, especially in New York. These bugs are known to take over whole apartment complexes when left unchecked. Infestations are a serious matter and only bed bug heat treatments done by professional exterminators can ensure absolute removal of these pests. Though not dangerous, these pests can cause undue stress to residents and are the bane of apartment buildings. Signs of a bedbug infestation include:

  • Blood specks on your pillows and bed
  • A coriander-like odor
  • Rust colored stains on or around the bed
  • Molted bedbug shells


Termites cause a whopping $5 billion dollars’ worth of property damage each year. These bugs eat voraciously and an unchecked infestation can severely damage a house. Termites in the US are usually the subterranean kind: they literally come from underground and eat their way up into your house’s foundation. If spotted early, you can take measures to deal with the infestation on your own, but it’s best to call professionals, just to be sure. Signs of termite infestations include:

  • Mud tubes on your floors and walls
  • Small piles of termite wings
  • Swollen wooden floorboards or walls
  • Hollowed out floors or walls

Carpenter Ants

Though not as destructive as termites, carpenter ants can still do significant damage to your house. Unlike termites that feed on wood, these ants hollow out walls to provide space for their colonies. Aside from damaging your house, the presence of these ants can be a nuisance on the daily life of your family. Signs of carpenter ant infestation include:

  • Piles of wood shavings around the house
  • Rustling noises from inside the walls or other wooden structures
  • The presence of winged ants, especially around springtime

Bug infestations can wreck a lot of damage on your house’s value. Look for the warning signs of these infestations, and don’t hesitate to call pest control services. The sooner an infestation is dealt with, the less damage it can cause.