In Good Shape: The Right Swimming Pool Layout for Your Space

Swimming Pool in Australia

Swimming Pool in AustraliaSwimming pool design and the over-all landscape layout can make or break property aesthetics. It can also break the bank, if suddenly you realise in the middle of the building project, that the shape is not suitable for your space.

Planning is essential to nailing your design and avoiding unnecessary expenses. Take a look at the different swimming pool shapes and decide which fits into your design vision and space requirements.


This shape is ideal for luxurious homes because straight, neat lines will not overemphasise the home’s elegant design. The simple edges, in fact, can balance out the architecture’s magnificence, reinforcing its sophisticated vibe.

Rectangular pools are not just a visually appealing design feature for your exterior space, though. Most people, especially athletes, choose this shape to make their pool an area for exercise and swimming laps. Choose this shape if you want to use your pool primarily for physical fitness.

Roman and Grecian

This classic look combines a simple rectangular shape and stylized corners or rounded ends. These details make the layout an “artistic masterpiece” that improves the visual appeal of any property. Roman and Grecian pools are ideal for large outdoor areas and beneficial for accommodating huge families.

Because they are frequently used in family homes, Roman and Grecian pools require stronger safety features to prevent drowning incidents among older adults and kids.

Experts from Perth City Glass strongly recommend installing glass pool fences; these fixtures, with their transparent feature, allow better supervision of people swimming. Furthermore, the glass’ smooth surface makes it difficult for little children to climb. Panels are also fixed closely to ground and fitted together so your kids will not be able to go between or under them.


As the name implies, freeform pools do not have a standard shape or size. Often, homeowners choose this when they want to complement the landscaping design that is already in place.

This shape is ideal for backyards that have fire pits, outdoor kitchens, shaded areas or pergolas. It is best because there is no need to worry about renovating the entire area just to fit its design. You simply have to follow the shape of available space for your pool design.

Start planning now; decide which pool shape is best for your outdoor space. Work with landscape architects to nail your backyard design.