Improving Fall Statistics with a Feasible Safety Program


ConstructionEvery year, falls cause hundreds of thousands of injuries in workplaces across the country. In the construction industry in America alone, falls caused more fatalities than any other type of accident, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). With this, creating a fall safety program is highly necessary.

The Necessity for a Fall Safety Program in the Workplace

As the employer, you should secure a comprehensive fall protection plan for you and other workers who are at risk for such injury. Their safety and well-being greatly depends on your ability to prevent a fall.

Protecting workers benefit the employer as well. A company staffed by personnel with fall safety training enjoy lower insurance premiums and compensation claims, and consequently better productivity.

While hoist and crane inspections and rigging and lifting solutions help improve statistics on casualties due to falls, additional measures for prevention of injury are necessary. An injury protection program is therefore very important to people whose work activities put them at risk. You should also invest in fall protection equipment from and other trusted companies.

Content of Fall Safety Courses

If you are interested in attending seminars for fall protection, there are a few things to consider, especially when it comes to content. Online and offline courses are available, and they vary from basic guidelines to more advanced topics. Some of the highlights should include fall hazard evaluation and controls, construction safety, and elimination of fall hazards at the work site.

The courses you will be using as models should tackle the importance of awareness of all aspects of the fall safety program. They should teach employees about how to use the system. Alternative solutions should also be presented to employees in case the first options are not feasible.

Workers who find themselves completing tasks in high places and use ladders and scaffolding on a daily basis will benefit most from a fall safety seminar. These courses are also intended for construction managers, supervisors, and safety officers.