Important Considerations when Building a Second Floor Addition to Your Home


HouseConstructing an additional story to any home in Hamilton is not very easy, particularly if you  don’t have enough knowledge to go about the concept of building alteration.

Benefits of Adding A Story

People always look for new ways to make their homes appear elegant. One way to make your home attractive is adding  a second story. Doing this also expands your house and provides you with more living space.

Whatever your reasons are, adding another story to your home will require a budget. Apart from that, you also need to secure the much-needed government permits and building consent to alter your existing home.

Stick to the requirements of your local council, observe safety at work and hire the right builders Hamilton to end up with your dream two-level house.

Ask an Architect for Assistance

You need a professional architect to create a design that’s aesthetically pleasing and in compliance with your local area’s policy on residential structures. You may need to consider the height and load restrictions, as well as the need for fire retardant materials and fire escapes.

Your architect knows the details. Should there something that violates certain provisions of the law, your architect can suggest alternatives.

Secure the Necessary Permits and Licenses

Once you have all the plans printed and ready, do not forget to obtain the signature of your architect as well as other professionals who may need to sign your blue print. These can include the electrical engineer, the geodetic engineer, the draftsman, or even the civil engineer. Bring all of your plans to the Surveyor’s office for approval.

Setting safety precautions during the building process are a major requirement to prevent accidents and injuries. Use protective clothing and equipment when you’re going to be involved in the work yourself.