If Forever Isn’t Possible, Go For A Friendly Divorce

Friendly divorce

Friendly divorceIt seems that a lasting marriage is just an illusion these days. The chance that an American marriage will fail is high, and since the 70s, the number of dissolutions has continued to rise.

Statistics say that the divorce rate is 50%, but other reports say this is a myth. Out of the 2.8 million residents in Utah as of 2013, only 9% are divorced, which seems to support claims of high divorce rates being untrue. However, in some cases, divorce is simply unavoidable.

Risk Factors Identified

Researchers found some reasons why unions lead to divorce, with marrying at a young age topping the list. Experts also regard the lack of education, economic inadequacies, and emotional immaturity. These lead to feelings of insecurity, lack of commitment, unrealistic expectations, and too much fighting.

Abuse and infidelity are common, too. Family and divorce attorneys such as The Huntsman Firm deal with child abuse, mediation, and juvenile law, among others.

If Forever Is Not Possible, Seek a Friendly Divorce

Both partners and their kids suffer from a divorce’s emotional consequences. Attorneys suggest amicable settlements over nasty disagreements for child custody, property, and finances. Couples can choose to be civil with each other through mediation.

In such cases, both partners still have their own lawyers, but they work with experts to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution. These methods are less emotionally draining for all involved—and less costly.

Counselling will also help. Counselors encourage ways to make the divorce easier to bear. They suggest acknowledging your pains and letting go of negative feelings. Amid disagreements, remember your common ground – your kids.

If marriage cannot last forever, seek a friendly divorce instead. It is a win-win solution for all. You divorce each other, but not the kids, as they say. Do it for them.