Ideal Lodgings in London for Both Students and New Hires


Living in a place like London also means that you have to look for lodging that suits you best. When looking for an affordable and convenient place to live in, you will need to weigh each option carefully. To help you choose, here are the top London living space selections:

Flats or Studios

If you have the resources to spare and highly value your privacy and independence, then a flat or studio-type lodging, like those offered by LHA London, should work well for you. Flats or studios are usually located within the proximity of the commercial districts and community areas like public transport, shops, and schools. Another advantage is that you can personalise and design your space as long as you’re not disturbing your neighbours or make any changes that aren’t allowed in your lease contract.

Shared Homes

Also known as homestays, this option lets you either stay with a family in one of their spare rooms or share one building with multiple other tenants. You still get to enjoy your privacy since you still own a room. However, everything else must be shared among the tenants such as the bathrooms and the kitchen. Just make sure that you’re clear on the rules and regulations that are being implemented. Respect each other’s personal living spaces, and you won’t have any problems.

University Halls

This student-exclusive board and lodging setup is quite the double-edged sword. While this is arguably the best option among the many cheap accommodations in London for students, the slots are quite limited and are often filled quickly. Should you manage to snag one, your student life can be made easier, thanks to the great convenience student halls can provide.

Of course, it all boils down to your budget and personal preferences. While it’s advised that you allot an ample amount of time for your search, you should still be quick about your decision regarding the most ideal location since living spaces get filled in a short time. Plan ahead and manage your time well. You should be able to find that ideal lodging for you.