Ibogaine Treatment: Benefits and How It Helps Curb Addiction

Drug addictionDrug addiction and alcoholism have been a predicament among many individuals across the globe. There have been treatment options available. However, a new treatment has gained immense popularity because of its ability to curb addiction.

Ibogaine isn’t a new drug. In fact, the pharmacological properties of this naturally-occurring psychoactive indole alkaloid derived from the roots of the African rain forest shrub Tabernanthe iboga have been studied for over 100 years already, explains an expert from Ibogaine Clinic.

Recently, ibogaine was dubbed as an experimental alternative treatment for substance addiction. In fact, it has been linked to the reduction of drug withdrawal symptoms, helping patients to quit easily.

How Ibogaine Works

Ibogaine reduces physical withdrawal symptoms of substance abuse and alcoholism by resetting the receptor sites in the body. For instance, opiate receptor sites are refreshed; making the patient quit using opiates without the severe symptoms of withdrawal. Hence, quitting is easier and painless.

Herbal Remedy

The good thing about ibogaine is, it was derived from a plant which means it’s a natural drug that may have lesser side effects compared to synthetic drugs like methadone and suboxone. These drugs may lead to chemical dependency.

On the other hand, ibogaine is non-addictive and doesn’t need to be taken on a continuous basis. As a result, patients can use it once and won’t need it again.

Long-Term Effects

Ibogaine is known to provide a long-lasting effect for people suffering from addictions. In fact, patients who have tried it at ibogaine treatment centers in the USA says that opioid withdrawal symptoms almost immediately stop and their drug cravings were reduced.

Drug and substance addiction have been a problem faced by many people around the world. These problems have many bad effects not only to their health but also to their lives and their relationships. Thus, ibogaine treatment is a promising new means to curb addiction and will help thousands of people to change their bad habits.