How You Can Benefit from System-Wide Health Coordination

Doctor checking electronic medical record

It does well for clinicians to know their patients from top to bottom. But, it may not always be possible, especially when you have to deal with patients coming in from different states. This is where electronic medical records come in.

A Full History

Part of the necessity of getting an accurate history is that it can help reveal a diagnosis. A person’s medical history may provide information that is significant to the patient’s current condition. It is in taking a patient’s history that details such as the past and current medication, allergies, as well as family history and lifestyle come up. All these may affect any action that needs to be taken at present.

When a person moves from state to state, they may neglect to bring their previous medical records unless they have a pressing ailment that requires meticulous monitoring. At worst, if the patient has no family present and, perhaps, fell ill while during a vacation, most clinics and hospitals are likely to only have a name to go on.

When Information is at Your Fingertips

As of 2015, 83% of doctors had adopted EHR consulting. Though most only use basic EHR functionalities, a large number of them used it for:

  • Computerized prescription order entries
  • Recording clinical notes, and
  • Viewing laboratory results

For a patient whose primary care physician uses EHRs, this means you are more likely to receive better healthcare service. With electronic records, there are fewer errors in data recording and it is less likely for your physician’s clinic to lose your information.

The Cost of Healthcare

The cost of healthcare can be prohibitive to some people. It can be worse, however, if your medical records are inaccurate, or worse, incomplete. Early diagnosis is one of the most important steps in managing illness. It can also be critical in determining the cost and success of your treatment.

Not Big Brother

Though your physician may enter a large portion of data on your record, these systems are secure. Only the most important of your medical data is accessible so you can breathe easily should you see your physician typing away