How to Get into Your Home if You Accidentally Lock Yourself Out

Locksmith in DenverAt some point, when you’ve become so comfortable with your routine of always locking your door whenever you leave your apartment (a good idea for your security, of course) you will lock yourself out. And all the embarrassment you’ll feel will not be an excuse to stand around crying and waiting for someone to think of a solution for you. You have to know what to do even before something like this happens.

Here are some pieces of advice.

Have a key keeper

Your key keeper is someone you definitely trust, preferably someone who also lives close to you. It can be a family member, a friend, or a neighbor you’ve known long enough. Do not choose anyone who has a history of making things disappear around them, or someone who uses drugs or drinks too much. Use your common sense. It’s preferable that someone lives close by so you can simply walk to their place to retrieve your spare.

Have a spare in your wallet

If you ever forget your keys inside your apartment, chances are you won’t forget your wallet too. That spare will come in handy when you realize your keys are in your other bag inside your bedroom.

Be friendly with your landlord

This also means you should be current with your payments, of course. Any time you get locked out (but don’t make this a habit) you can just call your landlord. If they live on site they can just let you in, but if they live offsite make sure to exhaust other solutions before asking them for the favor especially during unholy hours.

Memorize the number of a locksmith

You have to commit to memory the number of that locksmith in Denver. Save it in your phone, but what if you left your phone along with your keys inside, or if your phone is out of juice? Write it on a Post-It and save that in your wallet too. You can never be too careful.

You might be thinking of breaking into your own home. Aside from the dangers of falling or cutting yourself with glass or some pointy item, you are also running the risk of being mistaken for a burglar, warns an expert from Job Done Locksmith. If someone calls the police you can always explain what happened to them. But what if it’s the dead of night and the cops get nervous? Don’t go viral on social media for the wrong reasons.

Lastly, take into account the kind of neighborhood you live in. In some neighborhoods, you can use one of those fake rocks that are actually key holders. But if yours is the kind of neighborhood where people in ski masks patrol the streets, better not leave a key lying around.