How the Management Rights Industry Offers Good Returns on Investment

Business in MelbournePeople choose to invest in management rights for a number of reasons: lifestyle choice, investment returns, or home alignment reasons. Management rights businesses have solid returns than other business environments, thus attracting more buyers into the field.

The management rights industry is, therefore, not for a selected few. As long as you are hardworking, have people skills, and are equipped with practical expertise, management and letting rights (MLRs) promise a high ROI.

Want to venture into management rights? Your options include:

Permanent Letting

Permanent letting involves looking for good tenants, maintaining the lots and collecting rent. In complexes like these, tenants are likely to stay for a long time and create a reliable source of income for you. Though the returns per unit are low compared to short-term letting, permanent letting requires less marketing. Making sure that all units are occupied and maintaining good relations with tenants will secure your investment in this management right.


Franchising is common in many industries. You can purchase the management rights business by yourself, but it will be branded under your franchise. You will need to enter into a formal franchise agreement as with all franchises. A major benefit of franchising is that your franchisor will support your management rights business.

Short Term Letting

Short-term letting is in the form of corporate and holiday renting. Holiday letting is part of the tourism industry, one of Australia’s largest business sectors. Corporate letting has likewise taken shape, especially in CBD locations. Short-term letting is similar to operating any motel in Melbourne and you must market it well to attract customers. added that you may need to offer a higher level of service, but the returns are correspondingly high.

Buying a management rights business or motels for sale in Melbourne could involve investing your life savings or at least will involve a huge sum of money. Involve an experienced management rights broker in your buying process to safeguard your investment.