How Popular are Off-Road Vehicles Among Americans?

off-road vehicle

Off-road vehicles in the U.S. have become more popular for different reasons, such as the influx of new entertainment facilities like theme parks and consumers now using it because of its “livability.”

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Growing Market

More Americans have chosen to drive off-road vehicles, including pick-up trucks and SUVs, instead of the usual passenger car. Truck and SUV sales would increase further until 2022, while the opposite is expected to happen for passenger vehicles. High gas prices serve as one reason for the transition.

These factors led car manufacturers to offer at least one pick-up truck or SUV from their fleet. Even Tesla has embarked on the off-road vehicle market, which has been providing companies with better-than-expected sales.

While not everyone is keen yet on owning an off-road vehicle, the tourism and entertainment industry is banking on its popularity to lure more visitors to theme parks and amusement centers.

Global Market

Americans will continue to spend more on sports and leisure activities between 2017 and 2024, which is one reason why more sports facilities and theme parks have offered off-road vehicles into their list of attractions. Industry research showed that North America would continue to dominate the global market.

The defense and agriculture sector also see the benefits of using off-road vehicles. Demand from the military stems from the need to use vehicles for different terrains. On the other hand, farming businesses have looked into these vehicles as a viable substitute for heavy-duty tractors.


Off-road vehicles and ATVs have become more popular, partly because many have wanted something different for work and play. Consider buying second-hand vehicles to save money, especially if you just want to try one.