How Hotels can Add Value to Customer Experience through Internet Access

Coffee Shop with Free Wi-Fi

Coffee Shop with Free Wi-FiRemember those days when you’re wandering in hotel hallways trying to pick-up a signal from a free Wi-Fi? Aren’t those moments funny but true? And you remember too how every unsuccessful attempt to connect reminds you of the minutes you don’t enjoy at the hotel, right?

Today every hotel knows that and understands that it isn’t an isolated case. Surveys in the UK and US revealed how guests value free Internet access. Some even put it above a good night’s sleep while others rank it alongside with a complimentary breakfast.

Given its perceived importance on a satisfying hotel stay, how can businesses use technology (particularly hotel guest network services) to add value to customer experience? Hospitality services experts have recommendations both simple and complex that businesses in the hospitality industry can use.

Simple Steps

Marco Albarran, a managing director in Remarkable Hospitality, Inc., suggests the making use of inherent advantages that comes with the technology. For instance, an assigned staff can send an email/text message to a guest that has just checked-in asking how the hotel room is and how the management can be of further assistance. The same can be made during post-check out by saying have a nice trip or during their stay like “can we set a wake-up call for you?”

Technical Measures

Speed can either be a dealmaker or dealbreaker for hotel customers. An Internet connection with a decent speed, at least, allows checking of emails, asking for directions and the weather, and browsing social media sites – activities that hotel guests do when a free Wi-Fi is available.

On the other hand, hotels with fast Internet speed allow viewing online videos and using free sites for overseas calling. The type of network system that a business uses affects speed. Profiling can help businesses determine whether to use basic or advanced connections.

Security may also be a concern for some hotel guests. Personal details may be compromised with insecure Wi-Fi connections. Besides, system encryption further steps can be taken for not making the password public or better yet providing each guest with a username and a password.

A free Internet access is as ubiquitous as electricity and water systems are in hospitality services these days. Everybody demands it, including the wealthiest. How businesses use it to add extra value to customers than the obvious is where customers draw the line.