Hot or Cold? Both Please! How Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems Function

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System 1

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System 1With the fluctuation of temperature year-round, whether during the cooler or warmer months, more and more Australians are investing in heat pumps, also known as reverse cycle air conditioning systems. While this type of air conditioning unit does not come cheap, it offers plenty of advantages and will help you cut on energy costs considerably.

The Inner Workings of a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning System

Basically, a reverse cycle air conditioner is capable of heating, as well as cooling your home. It utilises a fan for drawing heat coming from inside your home over a refrigerant so that the hot air will be cooled and then returned back inside your home. The refrigerant, now warmed up due to the heat will evaporate and will be coursed through the compressor that will then make a high temperature and high pressure gas.

This gas will then be pumped via a heat exchanger installed outside. This will allow the hot air to escape so that the refrigerant can cool again and then liquefy it. The refrigerant will then flow via an expansion device capable of reducing pressure and cooling the refrigerant further so it could absorb heat gain. This whole cycle can be reversed and utilised for heating and cooling, hence the term reverse cycle air conditioning.

Common Features and Installation Warning

Different brands and types of reverse air conditioner units offer varying features, says These commonly include the following:

  1. Controls – Except for single split type units that utilise remote controls, most have mounted and hard-wired controls. You have the option of using one controller for your home’s whole system or using additional controllers if your home is big.
  2. Sensors – These are utilised by your controllers for maintaining your preferred temperature.
  3. Vents – These may be installed on your walls or the ceiling and come in an array of designs.

Once you’ve chosen your reverse cycle air conditioning unit, make sure to purchase it through reputable suppliers who know all about proper installation. Note that poor installation will lead to the decreased performance of even the best or more expensive units.