Home Alone? Protect Your Kids

kids playing

kids playingLeaving kids alone at home is one tricky decision to make, but there are some unwarranted circumstances that may make you do so. You need to be careful, however, as states have legal mandate on the age at which you can leave your child at home. Based on this, most states allow parents to leave children at home alone, as long as they’re 11 years old and above.

Despite such provisions, you need carry out some measures before leaving your kids at home on their own. You can’t take away the fact that they’re naturally curious. On top of that, external hazards and threats may get to them.

Give Them a List

You need to give your kids a roundup of things that they should and should not do while you’re away. Be very specific about them to avoid confusion. Apart from reminding them not to speak to strangers, remind them to avoid using the stove or the oven. Tell them that they ought not to tell others that they’re alone at home.

Train Them

If you foresee that your work will be keeping you from coming home early or there are things to attend to, make it a point to train your kids on what to do in case something happens and you’re not around. You may conduct a fire drill. Give them a course of specific actions, such as calling 911 or a trusted neighbor. Teach them how to use the fire extinguisher in case of kitchen fires or the like of then.

Secure Them

Elite Home Security advises parents to set up security systems that will reinforce the protection you impose upon the home. Apart from security cameras, you may choose to use video monitoring systems that will allow you to see what’s happening at your home through your smartphone. You may also install door, window, and glass break detectors.

More importantly, you need to be nice to your kids. Don’t be too nagging and avoid explaining scenarios in a way that they may frighten them.