High or Low? Choosing the Right Floor Level for Your Condo Unit

Condo Unit in MakatiOnce you have decided to buy a condo unit, the next challenge is choosing the floor level. It might seem like a minor detail, but a condo’s floor level is so important that some people buy based on this factor alone, reports Rockwell Corporate.

Each floor level has its pros and cons. You have to think about what you want out of your living space before committing to a particular floor because once you have chosen your floor level, you literally have to live with it!

Here are some factors to consider when choosing floor level:


The floor level of a condo unit is directly proportional to its price. This means you will pay more when you purchase a unit on a higher floor. If money is an issue for you, then the practical option would be to stick to lower floors. If you do have money to spare, consider choosing a higher floor to take advantage of the view.


The ground floor typically houses amenities like restaurants, fitness centers, and internet cafes. If you are considering living on the lower floors, you will have to adapt to the noise generated by these businesses. Additionally, living with the noise from the streets, specifically noise from the rush hour traffic, is a factor that you might find less than appealing.

To minimize instances of these types of noises, it is recommended that you choose a condo unit on a higher floor level.

Elevator Access

Those living on a higher floor know that the elevator will make several stops before reaching the ground floor. Consider living on the first few floors (taking the stairs instead of the elevator) if you need to leave the condo quickly for errands, work or any other important reason.

Remember that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to floor selection. You only need to factor your preferences and needs when you make your final decision.