Hate Waking Up Too Early? Block the Sun Out!


SunlightAre you keen on spending those extra five minutes in bed but wake up due to the bright Perth sun glaring down at you from your window? While waking up to Mr. Sun is healthy for you, there are times when you desperately need those measly five minutes to organise your brain before starting your day.

Don’t fret; you can easily block the sun with blackout blinds or curtains.

Blocking out Mr. Sun with Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains present plenty of design possibilities, so you should consider what fits your needs. Commonly, blackout curtains come with a liner at the back for blocking out outside light. These come in a host of colours, patterns, textures, and designs so you just have to pick out what works with your room design and the degree of darkness you want.

Likewise, if you want to use your existing curtains, simply purchase a liner and attach them to your curtains with a double hanger or hooks.

Not keen on using liners? Heavier curtains in dark, rich colours work well in providing a blackout curtain’s effect. More popular textile options include canvas, wools, cottons with tight weaves, heavy polyester, to the more luxurious velvet blends.

Option 2: Roller Shades and Blinds

The Blinds Gallery says window blinds or shades come in many forms and sizes—from roller blinds, to Roman, Venetian, panel, pelmet, timber, vertical, wood, and cellular. In general, traditional roller blinds are capable of blocking out more outside light than curtains, but types of roller blinds in blackout versions are far superior.

You can incorporate sheer curtains for when you want to stream light in and simply roll down the blinds to keep light out. They are ideal for small spaces for their minimalist feel. People who have dust allergies would find roller blinds more appealing than curtains. As a bonus, depending on the materials used, they can also help muffle noise outside your bedroom window.

Humanity’s forefathers had no way to block out the sun – save probably from hiding under trees. Now you can sleep easy and enjoy more privacy with just a flick of your wrist with these kinds of blinds and drapes.