Harmonious Asymmetry: Teeth that are not too Straight, Just Right

Perfect TeethWhen it comes to dental care, both Britons and Americans seem to agree that white, straight teeth are more attractive than yellowed, crooked ones. Yet it seems that Americans take teeth straightening to an extreme that most Britons are uncomfortable with.

Indeed, there is a knee-jerk reaction whenever someone has white, perfectly straight ‘piano key’ teeth. It looks unnatural and distracting. In fact, it is why practices like Blueskydentist.com provide orthodontic treatments that still leave a few imperfections in a patient’s smile. It makes the teeth look more realistic instead of being so obviously false.

Harmonious Asymmetry

The most coveted teeth in Britain are straight and white, but not so straight that they look unnatural. The most famous purveyor of this trend is perhaps Kate Middleton herself, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William. Her ‘naturally perfect’ teeth were the work of a London dentist that specialises in a treatment called ‘harmonious asymmetry’.

The teeth were aligned only slightly, leaving a few imperfections here and there while still looking beautiful and attractive. This is in stark contrast to ‘Hollywood-style’ orthodontics, where the teeth are filed and buffed to achieve a completely symmetrical and monochromatic smile.

Are Americans Obsessed with their Teeth?

Many Britons are under the impression that culturally, Americans are a little too obsessed with their teeth. While cosmetic dentistry in the UK is popular, the majority of Britons come in for less extensive treatments in favour of ‘nice, natural smiles’.

In fact, people who have had obvious work done are often the brunt of the joke in Britain, including famous celebrities like Simon Cowell. Their teeth are a little too perfect, which may look jarring and a little silly in the eyes of many.

Despite differing beauty standards, it does not mean that Britons want rotten, crooked teeth. It is quite the opposite, as cosmetic dentistry is a booming market in the country. People want to have work done on their teeth, but discreetly – it should look healthy and natural.