Handling Disputed Liability in a Car Accident Case

Car Accident CaseWhen you get into a car accident, there are times when the insurance company might refuse to pay for the damages by disputing liability. They will insist that their policy-holder is not at fault, and thus refuse to honor your claim. This leads to a smaller settlement offer or receiving nothing at all.

It's especially bad when you suffered injuries from the accident too. The medical bills and time you have to take off work will greatly increase your financial burdens, so getting enough compensation is crucial. How should you handle this situation?

Why You Need a Lawyer

When an insurance company refuses to budge, getting a lawyer is usually your best course of action. Most insurers will not change their stance on a claim if the other party is unrepresented. Having a lawyer proves you mean business.

According to the lawyer from Mt. Nebo Law, accident attorneys in Spanish Fork are used to dealing with stubborn insurers, and will help you navigate through this issue with ease. They will help prove that the other party was truly at fault, and get you the settlement you deserve.

Can You Sue?

If your injuries are significant, it's even possible to sue the other party. This is definitely something you need to discuss with your attorney. Any long-term or permanent impairment caused by the accident would be good grounds for a lawsuit, though your lawyer will have you consult medical professionals first to determine the extent of your injury.

Filing a lawsuit can help you get the compensation you deserve. Keep in mind, however, that this is a decision you can't make lightly. Litigation is usually time consuming and stressful, with no guarantee that you'll be fully compensated for your losses.

Settling is usually the smarter and safer choice if the other party's insurance is willing to make a satisfactory offer.