Growth Opportunities with Botox

Botox Treatment

Botox InjectionSince the early ‘90’s when Botox was first approved for use in helping alleviate frown lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet, many thousands of patients have found benefits from its rejuvenating effects and it has grown into a multi billion dollar industry. If you would like to be a part of this lucrative branch of healthcare, as a dentist you are ideally placed to help patients who choose to have facial aesthetic treatment. Our courses are designed not only to give you a thorough understanding of the clinical procedures but also to advise you on the best ways to market and promote your work to ensure that you begin to see healthy returns on your investment without undue delay, after all, what is the use of having a wonderful new skill if nobody hears about it. Dr. Harry Singh, the creator of Botox Training Club and a dentist himself, has many years experience teaching people how to incorporate the work in facial aesthetics into their existing dental practices.

Practical hands on training

For learning a delicate new skill such as the giving of Botox injections it is essential for the student to have access to models. In the course models are provided for every participant so you can practice in a classroom situation under the watchful guidance of the instructors. Naturally, well informed staff can help promote your business by being able to answer any queries or concerns raised by interested prospective patients, that is why every delegate is encouraged to invite one member of their team to attend the course, free of charge, as an observer. By seeing the procedures performed first hand it enables them to be more authoritative in explaining the benefits of Botox treatments.

An Invitation

Over the years many dental professionals have been grateful that they decided to participate in one of our Botox courses for dentists. But don’t take our word for it. Take a few minutes to visit our website and read some of the many testimonials praising all aspects of the course including clinical technique, administrative preparation and business skills.