Green Thumb 101: The Art of Growing Plants Without Soil

using grow light

With a growroom, it’s possible to grow plants inside a closed location with certain controlled conditions. You can use sunlight, artificial light or even a combination of these. When you’re using high power lamps like LED grow lights, there’s a chance that the growroom may become excessively warm, necessitating the use of a ventilation fan.

using grow light

You can grow plants in a room either with or without soil, but you’ll have to resort to aeroponics or hydroponics. This is a cost-effective option that will give you a higher yield. It requires less space, and you can even reduce the growing time. You can also limit the water usage, as it can be recycled. You’ll have to use soilless mixes with perfect nutrients that suit the crop you want to grow.


One of the most important things to consider while growing plants without soil is lighting. As plants start growing, they’ll need more light. If they don’t get the right amount, they’ll either stretch or stop growing altogether. If you want to buy new grow lights, you can choose from high-intensity discharge lamps, traditional fluorescent lamps or compact fluorescent lamps. LED grow lights are gaining popularity because of their low heat output and low energy requirement. They have successfully replaced high-intensity discharge lamps.

The monochromatic light produced by LED grow lights matches the wavelengths of a plant’s photosynthetic reaction. This will optimize the photosynthesis process. Although LED lights are still not widely used, they’re really well-suited for large-scale plant lighting. For young plants or seedlings, you can also use compact fluorescent lamps or the traditional fluorescent lamps.


Grow lights can increase the temperature of a growroom excessively which may not be good for plants. Adequate ventilation will help maintain an optimal temperature in the growroom. It will also help adequate gas exchange in plants. There are some grow rooms that also make use of air-conditioning.