Green Living: What to Look for in a Rental Home


HomeYou are new at your job and want to make it big in San Diego. Unfortunately, you are still unable to own a property for one reason or another. If that’s the case, look at a number of available home rentals in San Diego and choose what is best for you.

As you are just starting out, you need to find an eco-friendly home to keep your utility bills down. Here is a list of green options to consider in your new house rental:

The Roof

There are many ways to dress up a roof and make it more energy-efficient. To reflect the sun’s heat and reduce the strain on your air conditioner, paint the roof white. There are even options of setting up solar cells on your roofs, so you can reduce electricity use for your whole house.

If you are true environmental lover, why not go for an actual green roof? As American Heritage Properties notes, some homes in San Diego have rooftop gardens to serve as their private space. If you plan to add these eco-friendly features to your roof, ask for permission from the property manager.

The Heating or Cooling Systems

Old designs of furnaces, boilers, water heaters, fireplaces, and air conditioning units may not be as energy efficient as the newer models. Check the existing heating and cooling systems installed in your rental home, so you can see if you need a new unit. Find out if you are allowed to install power-saver gadgets, or if the existing utilities have good energy star ratings.

The Appliances and Furnishings

If you are renting a fully furnished house, check the energy star rating of the appliances, especially the refrigerator, and the clothes dryer. Check for space saving, multi-functional units. It’s a plus if you have wood furniture, as this material has enough carbon to clean the air within close proximity.

These suggestions are not just for your bank account’s sake, but also for the environment. After all, you should be more responsible when it comes to your choices.