Green Living Features and Upgrades for Your Rental Home

Eco-friendly home

One of the advantages of moving up in your career is that you can spend on improving your rental unit. However, you shouldn’t just focus on aesthetic additions. Why not add features that reduce your energy consumption and are good for the environment? Consider this list of green options when upgrading your house.

Appliances and Furniture

If the house that you’re renting includes appliances, best to check their energy star rating to ensure that they are energy-efficient. Ask your landlord if you can replace appliances that are gas and electricity guzzlers with multipurpose and energy-efficient models. If they agree, consider asking to replace your furniture with wooden models since wood contains carbon that can clean the surrounding air. If your unit comes unfurnished, then good for you! You can easily make changes without asking for permission.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Have you looked at the heating and cooling systems of your rental space? If they’re too old, dirty, and run-down, using them will raise your utility bills and can be a health hazard. Contact your landlord regarding the state of the HVAC systems and air ducts. On your part, you can purchase power-saving devices to counter excessive utility use. You can also install residential window film in Arizona with anti-UV features to further reduce the work of your AC during summertime.


There are many choices available for energy-efficient roofing. You can paint the roof white to reflect sunlight, add solar panels to absorb sunlight, or even grow a garden on the roof to contribute to the oxygen in the surrounding area. However, be sure to ask your property manager if you can actually make changes to your roof before you proceed with your eco-friendly projects.

Remember that these tips aren’t only for the good of your finances. These can also contribute to your awareness and sense of responsibility for the environment. You may only be renting your residence, but that’s not enough reason to put off upgrading your lifestyle and your home.